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Authentic Italy with an Italian Family

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

So, La Lucana is nearing the end of it's first year and what a start we've made. We've welcomed people to our region from as far and wide as the United States to Kuwait and we've learned an awful lot about how to work with our partners and how to make our experience vacations even more incredible.

Basilicata Vacations

For us, La Lucana has always been about creating a vacation for #Italy lovers who would like to go deeper into Italian culture. We wanted to show our guests an Italy undisturbed and let them feel like they were one of the locals. Our feedback this year has certainly testified to the fact that we are achieving this goal, but to our surprise, our guests have actually felt like they were more than one of the locals - they've felt like they were part of our family. We're so humbled by this and such feedback has only inspired us to keep working hard on developing our unique offer.

We love that idea that our guests feel like they are part of our family for the week and so we've decided that we should put this unique aspect of our vacation experiences right at the heart of everything we do. For instance, from now on and for future partnerships, we want our experiences to be fully inclusive. That means that our guests won't have to lift a finger or pay for anything extra. We'll provide them with full transport right from the moment we meet them at the airport and we'll treat them to breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday that they are with us. We'll even provide them with the drinks. More than any of these practical things though, we want to give them our hearts and welcome them as if they were members of our family from far, far away. Our guests during La Lucana are not simply tourists. They are people, all with amazing stories and personalities and we want to get to know each and everyone of them as much as we can. We want them to feel cuddled and relaxed at all times while we show them our amazing and untouched region of #Italy.

Experience Basilicata

One thing that has particularly surprised us in this first year is the amount of guests we had who were visiting Italy for the very first time. The very FIRST time! That's right! Here in #Basilicata! They skipped Rome, Florence, Venice and Tuscany to come and see us and amazingly none of them regretted it! So what's going on here? Is this some sort of new trend?

Firstly, we have to say, that #Italy is simply an amazing country and even if you lived here for a whole lifetime you would never get to see the whole of the boot. Rome, with all of its majesty, is simply a must visit for everyone once in their life. Florence, with all of its breathtaking Renaissance art and history, surely can't be missed out on also. However, #Italy is not just this and we've learned that many of our guests have really enjoyed the benefits of visiting a region like Basilicata. For a start, when you experience 'real Italy' with a family like ours, you're not surrounded by literally thousands of other American, British or Australian tourists. You don't feel engulfed by 'tourism' and instead you have the time and space to take in the reality of what is around you. You can speak with the local people, eat their food, learn about their culture, listen to their music, dance with them and all the while you feel like you're in a place that you're the first to discover. We've learned that our guests seem to get a real thrill from this and we're delighted that we can provide them with such an experience.

Matera Tours

It's not just #Basilicata and #Puglia where real Italy can be found either. Places like Abruzzo offer yet another fascinating and unique perspective on our culture-rich country. In fact, next year, we're really looking forward to collaborating with Hidden Italy Tours on an incredible Authentic Italy tour that would see guests spending time with the locals in Abruzzo before joining us here in Basilicata and Puglia. That will be one amazing trip to be sure!

We're also looking forward to welcoming more travel agents and industry experts to our region so that they can learn more about what authentic Italy looks like and communicate the possibilities to their clients.

All in all it's a fantastic time to be working in the experience vacation sector. We're right on trend with La Lucana as people all over the world are seeking more experience based holidays and vacations where they will be guaranteed an authentic and unforgettable time. We can't wait to develop our role in that movement and welcome more people soon.

To all our future family out there, we wish you a great winter season and we hope to see you here soon!

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