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Welcoming America to Lucania...

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Tours of Basilicata

So last month, we had the great pleasure to welcome a wonderful group of guests from the U.S.A. We spent an amazing week hosting them at our agriturismo and took great delight in making them feel like they were part of our family for their time here.

We had so much fun and went to so many beautiful places! Whether it was wondering through the stones of the Sassi di Matera or gazing across the incredible Basilicata scenery from the mountain towns of #Castelmezzano and #Pietrapertosa, our guests seemed to completely fall in love with #Lucania and we felt incredibly humbled by their astonishment and enjoyment of our land. We also ventured into #Puglia one day and showed them the special sea side town of #Polignano a Mare.

A lot of food was eaten, wine and Amarao Lucano was drunk and ice creams and home-made cakes were devoured (especially by Nicola!). We also absolutely loved helping one of our guests, Dan, connect with his Lucanian roots, as it turned out that he in fact had a great Grandfather from our region. As Reno from Ragnatela Folk Band explained on their final evening with us, as soon as the Basilicatan folk music started, Dan's body started to move and the tinkling of the tambourine stirred something ancient in his blood that made him dance late into the night! We miss you Mr Lucano! It also happened to be Dan's birthday that evening and we loved surprising him with a birthday cake and a night that we hope he will never forget.

Then there were all the activities such as making fresh #pasta (it's fair to say that some people were better than others at this..;)) and also picking fresh olives and learning all about our #olive harvest. It was great for us to share these authentic Southern Italian experiences with our guests and we hope that we've inspired them to learn more about Italian food and food culture.

So what an incredible week with such lovely people. We're glad that they had such a wonderful time with us and we hope that we can see them again here soon!

If you have a group of friends, family or clients who you think would love a week like this here with us in #Basilicata, please do check out our website at or get in touch with us via email at

We can't wait to hear from you and hopefully welcome you here soon!


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